Tokyo Coffret

A subscription box service
That delivers hot beauty items in Tokyo and magazine
For Vietnamese women who love beauty tips

Cross Borders EC from Japan

Get a present for yourself with Tokyo Coffret. Tokyo Coffret is exclusive for members. Feel the quality of TOKYO lifestyle.
Tokyo Coffret will be delivered every 3 months to registered members only.

メンバー限定で届く自分へのプレゼントTokyo Coffretを手に入れて、TOKYOのトレンドと上質なライフスタイルを感じよう。
Tokyo Coffretはメンバーシップ登録した会員の方限定の定期購入サービス。3ヶ月に1回ご自宅にお届けします。

Open your idea to South East Asian market

Our products are the first product ever in Vietnam. You will get must-have basic makeup and beauty goods popular in TOKYO. You can get them faster than anyone else.


Planning and marketing to growth with Global team

In the magazine delivered with the items, we introduce how to use the delivered items, trend of cosmetics and beauty of real Tokyo.


Subscription box service for women who aim quality lifestyles

It is a subscription box service which I popular from women in Japan, America, France and England. You order online and carefully selected cosmetics, accessories and small goods will be delivered to you like a present on a regular basis. With Tokyo Coffret, it will be every 3 months.

The contents are popular cosmetics selected by our curators such as beauty goods, accessories, the latest organic item, and in the magazine, culture that girls today should know, restaurant information etc. are included. Women who aim quality lifestyles are members of those communities.
There are more than 100,000 women looking forward for subscription box every month in Japan.

日本やアメリカ、フランス、イギリスで女性に人気の定期購入BOXサービス。厳選されたコスメやアクセサリー、雑貨がプレゼントのように定期的に届きます。Tokyo Coffretからは3ヶ月に1回あなたのご自宅へお届けします。


What do I receive?

Every time you receive a different designed box. In the box, there will be “main item” that you can always get, “surprise item” that you don’t know what you are going to get until you get it, and a magazine that you can learn recommended use of cosmetics and TOKYO culture.

アイテムは、Tokyo Coffretのために毎回特別にデザインされた箱でお届けします。Tokyo Coffretが自信を持っておすすめする必ず届く”メインアイテム”、届くまで中身はお楽しみな”サプライズアイテム”やおすすめアイテムの使い方、TOKYOカルチャーがわかるマガジンも一緒にお届けします。

How do I get?

Register from this web page to complete order. What you need to do after registration is just wait for a postman delivering your box. The first Tokyo Coffret will be delivered within about a month from the order.
You’ll get your present delivered to your home soon. Unwrap and enjoy Tokyo Coffret. You are going to love it!

初回のTokyo Coffretは、ご注文から1ヶ月程度でお届けする予定です。お楽しみに!