Cutting Edge IT Tech company for Entertainment and Travel industries

To expand your business and spread your idea toward Asia market with Japanese quality and method.

Our mission

Est rouge is coming from Japan brings Japanese marvellous web service onto Global market, especially South East Asian market.
We are providing method to adjust your idea and service into new world from planning to growth with Global development team centered in Japan and Vietnam.

Company profile

  • Company Name
    Est rouge inc. (株式会社エスト・ルージュ)
  • TOKYO Head office
    GINZA SIX 13F 6 Chome-10-1 Ginza, Chuo, Tokyo
  • Headquarter
    1001 BELISTA Yagoto-yama 128 Yagoto-yama Tenpaku ward Nagoya, Aichi
    愛知県名古屋市天白区八事山128番地 BELISTA八事山1001号
  • Established
    Nov, 2016
  • Board member
    CEO Akiyuki Nomura
    代表取締役 野村亮之

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What we are providing

Service for people visiting Japan


What we call Inbound media business, internet services for people visiting Japan. Nowadays there is around 20,000,000 people visiting Japan in one year, this number grows much more recently. We are providing service supporting those people, be able to enjoy Experience in Japan much more.

Service for Asian market


Working with partners to bring marvellous Japanese web services into Asian growing market.  Even new idea comes up on internet everyday in Japan, it’s still difficult to expand idea into global market since difference with language and culture.  Est rouge provides partner team to take your idea into global market especially South East Asia.